Model Name: Brandon

 Why Model Portfolio Package 1 was selected:

Since Brandon was a young kid, I have been photographing him for modeling and acting. He is 15 now, with so much experience in both. Through the years we have always done this package. This model portfolio package gives him enough images to work with for his modeling and acting.

Why these looks worked:

Brandon’s mom brought lots of great options to choose from. We selected styles that are currently popular and clothes with great colors that worked well for him. With lots of great choices, we had some great solids for head shots, and some great commercial pieces for his modeling portfolio.

Why this model stood out:

Ever since he was a little boy he was always a natural in front of the camera as well as extremely personable. With all of his experience this session was fluid. The images from this session show this as well all of his natural charisma. Looking forward to seeing Brandon’s continued success.

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