Model Name: Christian


Why Model Portfolio Package 1 was selected:

Christian’s agent booked this package for him to update his model portfolio and head shots. Having been working with Model Club for years he needed updates to his portfolio. As Children age they need/should update their photos every year or so, keeping them fresh with their current appearance.


Why these looks worked:

Jyl, Christian’s mom brought lots of options for us to choose from to update his portfolio. We selected this great sweater from the GAP as his first look with a button down underneath. We shot this outside. The second look we also photographed outside with a more urban feel, shot in the street. We gave him outdoor head shots as well in both looks. The last look was athletic wear, shot in our Boston studio on a white background. This look was great with Christian doing jumps in the studio. These three looks gave him lots of great photos for his portfolio. You would never know by looking at his images that his model portfolio was shot in January.


Why this model stood out:

Having been a seasoned kid model, working a ton for LL BEAN and Hasbro, Christian knew everything to do and needed no direction whatsoever. Check him out all over LL BEANS web site!  We are sure that he is going to have a long career as he turns into a man.


Model Agent: Model Club INC

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