Model Name: Grant

Why Model Portfolio Package 2 was selected:

While talking to Grant about his needs we decided that he did not need a full model portfolio session. Being a well established model he just needed some new stuff to add to his book.

Why these looks worked:

Together we decided on an “All Saints” look, shot in the studio on black paper to give it an edgier feel would work well. The second look we shot on the beach with a variety of shots with shirt on, shirt off and a change in the pants for a completely different look. We also used a pair of Ray-bans to help bring it all together.

Why this model stood out:

Grant over the years has become a seasoned model. Having worked with Grant in the past when he was only 20, he was completely new to the industry. This time around all of his experience over the years was much noticed.

Model Agency: Maggie INC

Make-up and Hair: Deanna Flanagan


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