Model Name: Vinitha Palle  

Why Half Day Package was selected:

Vinitha being new to modeling had her first photo shoot with us. She chose the Half Day Model Portfolio Package because of the four-hour session that allows you to maximize the amount of different looks. As a new model starting out its important to have a strong portfolio with lots of looks and final images. This package makes out do that there is no set amount of outfits and looks. Typical half day package is 6-7 looks, depending on change ups.

 Why these looks worked:

Vinitha was able to get seven different looks from this session. With the help of a makeup artist and wardrobe stylist these different looks complimented Vinithia’s features and allowed her to get some stunning shots to add to her model portfolio.
One of Vinitha’s first looks was comprised of a red floral top and accented blue jeans. The two colors contrasted well against a gray background.We went to the streets of Boston for the next look. Vinitha wore all black clothing with white sneakers. Her snapback and braid added to this urban style. Having a portfolio that shows you can wear many different styles is a strong way to show your versatility as a model.One of my favorite looks from this session was the classic leather jacket and jeans outfit. This look was photographed in the studio window and pops in black and white. Vinitha wore a trendy green dress and her hair pulled back for this stylish look. The colors complimented her features and stood out against the brick wall. Wearing clothing that compliment a model’s features always makes them look great. This model’s final look was photographed against a black background to create a darker mood and contrast the gray jumpsuit. Her hair was also pulled back elegantly in this gracious look.

Why this model stood out:

When a model is willing to put the effort to come in for a longer session and work with wardrobe stylists and makeup artists, the quality is amplified. Vinitha now has many different looks for her model portfolio. We wish her luck in her future endeavors.

Make-up/Hair:  Manda Carco

Wardrobe Stylist: Catherine McCavanagh (The Honest eye)


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