Head Shot with Actor Dean


Why Head Shot Package 1 was selected:

Dean had come to us about two years ago for his acting head shot. This is the same package he chose a few years ago which he liked since it gave him a few options to choose from.

When Dean came in for his session he told us how well his last head shot has worked for him, which is what brought him back to see us. Casting directors told him that he looked a little older in person then his last head shot so he decided that an update was in order for him to be able to keep booking and possibly booking even more work with his new head shot. It is always great to keep that head shot for acting up to date. It is an investment in yourself going into this industry.


Why these looks worked:

Simple clothes always work the best for head shots. Dean brought colors that really worked well for his skin tone, the blue shot outside really brought out his eyes. The first look we took out on the street, shooting with background out of focus. For May it was pretty cold outside so we shot the second look in the studio. The second look was in a red shirt shot through the studio glass to give it the impression that it was shot outside.


Why this model stood out:

His easy going relaxed personality made this a great session. Sometimes backgrounds don’t look like much but Dean was trusting that what I picked out for him would work well. Only problem Dan is going to have is picking out his final images. So many great head shots that will serve him well to continue his acting career. I am sure we will be seeing Dean out on the scene.