Name: Kristina

Why Headshot Package 1 was selected:

Kristina selected this package to give her more options for her head shots. She had recently had her headshots taken in NYC but walked away with not as many options as she would’ve liked. This package helped her add to the headshots she already had and gave her lots of different options to choose from depending on the audition.


Why these looks worked:

Kristina brought a few options to choose from. We looked at everything together and decided on the blue tank for both looks but with a different setting. The blue really brought out her eyes and worked well with her skin tone. Solid colors always work best for headshots.

You want to make sure that you stand out, avoid distracting prints. In doubt bring a few options to choose from. We will always help make suggestions.


Why this Headshot stood out:

Even though we were focused on headshots for Kristina and are only chest up, her comfort really helped her personality shine though. The few images featured here were my favorites from the session.

DSC_3436-2-Edit DSC_3447-2-2-Edit DSC_3269-2-Edit