When you think of who gets professional head shots done you think of models, actors, authors and those who are aspiring to be one or the other. Not so anymore. Social media has leveled the playing field and raised the bar in some aspects. In today’s world your brand, whether personal or professional, is out there. How you are seen by potential customers or potential employers is paramount. Appearances and perception influence who gets the account or gets the job. Let’s look at some of the reasons if and why you should have head shots done:

Looking to get customers?

Almost every business has an online presence and you want that presence to let your customers know that you are credible and competent at the services you provide.  Putting a face with a name and brand helps customers make a quicker connection to your business.

Looking to get employed?

The selfie in the car on your LinkedIn profile doesn’t cut it.  Most recruiters and employers are reviewing your online presence. How do you want to be seen?

Now that you know you need a professional headshot here are things you should think about when you get a headshot:

Get a professional

Your iPhone doesn’t cut it. There are a lot of factors including lighting, background, color correction that should be left to the professionals. And your friend who does photography on the side isn’t a good solution. You want a photographer that specializes in headshots.

Know what you want

Communicate what image or brand you are going for. If you are looking for fun and relaxed don’t wear a suit and tie. If you are looking for something conservative don’t wear something low cut.

Style matters

Pick out a clothing that will enhance and compliment you and not be distracting. Choose items that show you as a professional. Most Photographers will steer you away from anything with large prints or neon colors. Be conscience of colors that compliment your complexion.

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