Model Name: Ryker

Why Model Portfolio Package 1 was selected:

At the young age of 5 Ryker is already established as a child model, starting his career off at the age of 3. His agency picked this package for him to update his portfolio with all new images. It is important to keep your portfolio up to date. Especially at the age where kids change quickly.

Why these looks worked:

Ryker’s mom brought lots of great options for him for his second model portfolio. For the first look for his portfolio we chose a tank and jeans with his cool skateboard and shot it on the Streets of Boston, with his longer hair this worked great. We also found a large frame left behind on the Street and just had fun with him in it.

For the second look we shot Ryker in bright shorts and a striped long sleeve shirt, for a nautical look with a natural outdoor setting, to help create a diverse model portfolio with several different looks.

On the last look we did a clean background in the studio. His energy in the studio gave him great shots of him jumping around and having fun. This will help clients see Ryker’s potential in front of the camera and his ability to have fun and work with adults.

Why this model stood out:

We have photographed Ryker before when he was just 3 years old. Even at 3 he was just as easy to photograph as he was this time at 5. His personality and energy made Ryker stand out. He did everything that he was told to do and came up with his own poses. His love for being in front of the camera gave him excellent photographs for his model portfolio which will help him further his modeling career. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of Ryker in the years to come!

Model Agency: Model Club Inc.

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