Photographer, Kevin Day

Actor Head Shots

As an actor it's vital that your headshots are professional and representative of your looks, talent, and charisma. Your head shot should represent a polished version of who you are everyday. Going to an audition with unprofessional images shows you are not serious about acting or invested anytime in to making yourself the best that you can put out there.
So where do you start? When getting your head shot there are a few questions to consider:

  • Where should you go and get head shots taken?
  • Do you want your head shot taken outside or in the studio?
  • What do you want to wear?
  • Should you have a make-up/hair artist there to help?
  • What is your budget?

Your first decision is deciding who you want to take your head shot. You should look at photographer’s style, composition and final product on their web-sites. Select a photographer that matches your esthetics. I always agree with the statement you get what you pay for. So although you might find a great deal out there are the images good?

Our approach to taking someone’s head shot is the same as we apply to any of our sessions. We try and make the person as comfortable as possible. Talking with you through-out the session about how the session will work, asking your needs and just about you. We find the more someone talks the more comfortable they become. A great head shot comes from the person being as comfortable in front of the camera as possible.

What do you want your head shot to look like in the end? Studio or Outside? I usually suggest to anyone taking a head shot to go with package one. This way you can do both options and see what you like better later on. You might find you like both for different types of auditions which is often the case. Every person is different. Studio verses outside also depends on what you are going to wear. Some colors don’t photograph well outside such as white for example it becomes reflective and then you are not the focus of the session any longer your shirt is. You want to make sure you are the center of your head shot and not what you are wearing. Solid colors work best for head shots, blues, greens, purples any color that you think enhances you. So thinking through what to bring with you for your shoot is important. For head shots you don’t need to go crazy and bring 15 outfits. The shirts are all that matters. No need to bring shoes or different pants unless they make you feel good for the session. In doubt what to bring, bring a few things and we will help you decide, or feel free to email or call if you want to go over your wardrobe for your head shot session.

I always suggest that on any session someone has make-up/hair. The difference in the session is huge especially for females. (Additional charge for make-up/hair) The make-up artists are all very skilled in knowing how much make-up to put on for the light in the studio and then the sun outside. The light absorbs the make-up in the camera. I don’t suggest doing your own unless you are a skilled artist. Also it is nice to be pampered for the day and not have to do it your self or worry about how it looks on camera. It I always best to do it right the first time.

Our head shot packages are offered “Al’ a carte “. The sitting fees for head shots are between $75-$125 and then you only purchase the image you want, need or like. Just need one shot? Or you like 3, 4, 5, in the end. The budget spent is basically up to you. First two purchased images in the al’ a carte options on head shots also come with retouching.

If you still have questions on your head shot, feel free to email or call or fill out the contact form on the site.

Corporate Head Shots

A corporate head shot should be a clean, clear image that represents who you are. These can be taken either in the studio or outside. Most people like their head shots taken in the studio instead of outside for corporate head shots. But this is entirely up to you.
Lots of people come for corporate head shots and do not like to have their picture taken. I hear this all the time. We will try and make you as relaxed as best we can and work together to help you a get a great head shot that works well for you.
We also do corporate head shots on location for any business that need them for their staff from as little as 3 employees to 35 or more.
If it is just for you the Al a carte version is great, but for any company that needs shot of the entire staff we have half day and full day rate options available. Feel free to call or email and we can discuss options for your business.

Social Media Head Shots

In todays world it seems that everyone is need of a head shot. This is not just for models and actors any longer. From use to LinkedIn, Facebook and any other social media, it is important to represent yourself the best way you can.

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