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Teen and Adult Model Portfolios

Every model, from new to seasoned, needs a model portfolio. As a model grows in the industry you add to your book over time. For models just starting out any of the package options listed on the site under model portfolio packages is a great way to get started in the industry.
All the model portfolio packages offer a variety of full length and head shots to get you begin your career in modeling.

If you are just get started trying to decide which model portfolio package is right for you can be a tough decision. They all work to get your foot in the door with the agents. Having worked closely with the agents for 10 years, package 1 is the most common. Which can be found under packages tab. This model portfolio package gives you variety and plenty of different looks to showcase yourself with the agents. Your first impression as you walk through the door with professional photos in your book as you meet with them will make a great first impression for you.

After deciding which model package is right for you, there are other decisions to make. Do you add make-up and Hair to the session? Do you add wardrobe to the session?
I always suggest that one adds on make-up and hair, especially for females 13 and up. Doing it yourself or going to the mall to save money is not the best choice. The make-up artists we use are professionals working in the industry for years. They now how much the light will absorb on your face and what colors are best for you. Your make-up will change from Studio to outside. They will also change your hair up on multiple look options. If you are going to invest in your first model portfolio. Do it right the first time. It will save you from doing it again later on. You don’t want to go to the agents and they take you on but they thought your make-up was bad in the images and that you should get new shots.
Wardrobe is a great add on if it is your budget. They will essentially bring everything for you to wear to the shoot. So you can just come as you are with nothing. Most people pack up a suitcase and bring their own stuff. We will help new models look through their clothes and pick out what will work best on camera and for the agents. Questions on what works and what doesn’t feel free to email for more information.

Creating your Model portfolio should be fun, relaxed and a great experience. Practicing in front of the mirror or looking through Fashion magazines is a great way to be prepared for your session. If you are stuck during your session and not sure what to do once the camera comes out we will help you. You will get better images though if you are prepared and move more naturally in front of the camera on your own. Lots of pictures will be taken during your session. A variety of Full length and head shots. The head shot is an important part to a models portfolio. It usually is the main Image used for marketing. So out of all the images taken 3-7 images will be used for your portfolio.

If you still have questions fill out the contact page with your contact information.

Children’s Model Portfolios

Much is the same when creating a child’s model portfolio as listed in the adult model portfolio section above.
only difference is what to bring and how to prepare.
Most likely this is your child’s first portfolio and you don’t know what to expect or what to bring. We suggest talking about the portfolio session prior with children so they know what is going to happen that day. We suggest to make sure you bring snacks and water for kids during the portfolio session to help them. They lose energy faster then adults.
Also, we suggest bringing about 7 outfits for a portfolio session for kids and then we will help pick out what works best. This could be colors that work well on them to outfits agents would like to see on kids to potentially sign them. You also want to put their best foot forward when going into the agents.

During the session we like kids to be kids. The looks don’t always have to be perfect all the time, they can move and jump around, if the hair gets messed up slightly or the clothes untucked. It is ok. They are kids and the looks don’t have to be perfect. Obviously if it gets too messy we can fix again. Not every shot can be an action shot so they will have to be able to listen and take direction. Preparing younger kids ahead by talking about the studio, photographer and the entire portfolio and session experience is very helpful in kids to know ahead of time. Kids can get very nervous for new experience just like adults.
Children models also need head shots so solid colors work best for this. Feel free to bring lots of options for the entire shoot. We are here to help.

If you still have questions fill out the contact page with your contact information.

Fashion Portfolio

A fashion photo shoot is a collaborative artistic experience between the photographer, make-up/hair artist and the wardrobe artist and of course the model. This is a great package option for models looking to add to their portfolio or just to have fun creating unique images.

Cant decide which option is right for you call or email and we can help you decide which package would be best.

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